The Rothamsted International Fellowship

The Rothamsted International Fellowship 2020

Deadline : September 28, 2020

Applications are open for the Rothamsted International Fellowship. The main goal of the fellowship is to promote the exchange of vital agricultural research skills between Rothamsted Research and scientist from Low- to Middle- income countries like you.

As an overseas scientist, the fellowship will support and train at either of Rothamsted Research’s main sites for 6-12 months on a research project co-developed with a senior scientist at Rothamsted. The Senoir scientist will be your supervisor the project during the fellowship


The benefits you are eligible through out the fellowship program are as specified below

  1. Funds for travel between the home country and the UK
  2. Supervision and training at Rothamsted Research
  3. You will receive funds for Research costs related to their project
  4. Have access to world-class research facilities and scientific support
  5. Accommodation and subsistence will be catered for

In order to be considered for this program, make sure that you fulfill the following criteria

  • Must be a citizen of a low- to middle- income country, a resident based exclusively in a low- to middle- income country. Please note that this will be defined as the countries listed on the DAC list of ODA recipients
  • You must be of doctoral status, with at least two years’ post-doctoral experience. In case you dont have a Higher Degree, you mush have equivalent research experience to be considered eligible for the program
  • Candidates who have extensive and/or continuous employment in a high-income country are not eligible for RI Fellowships
  • You must be ready to returns to employment in your home country . The experience gained through the program will be put to practice to help develop your community
  • Although applications are submitted by the UK supervisor, you need to make sure that they are of much relevance to research in the your home country. It is therefore essential that the candidate makes contact with the UK supervisor and helps to co-develop the research proposal.
  • Along with the support of the UK supervisor, you have to make sure that you also have the approval from the Head of Department where the fellowship will be hosted

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