Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Scholarships 2021/2022

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Scholarships 2022/2023

Deadline: February 28 , 2022

Apply for the 2022/2023 Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Scholarships . Every year, the IsDB Scholarship Programme awards various scholarship programmes to deserving applicants as part of its overall efforts to develop the human resources of its member countries and those of the Muslim communities in non-member countries. The programme aims to improve the socio-economic conditions of selected participating countries which include its Member Countries as well as Muslim communities.

The programme is split aa scholarship programme and a development programme at the same time. These scholarships are warded as an interest-free-loan (Qard Hasan) to eligible students and as a grant to their communities /countries to which they belong.

Recipients of the scholarships will be obligated to fulfil the conditions set up for each programme, before, during and after graduation and gainful employment upon completion of their programme. Students will participate in the development of their home communities and countries, through their respective professions applying the skills they would have gained. As a policy, the repaid fund will be used to provide scholarships to other students from the same community/country to complement the IsDB Programme and to ensure its continuity in the long run.

There are six scholarship programmes offered by IsDB:

  • Undergraduate scholarships
  • Master’s degree scholarships
  • PhD and Post-Doctoral Research Programme scholarships
  • The IsDB-ISFD for Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET) dedicated to 21 Least Developed Member Countries (LDMCs): Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Comoros, Djibouti, The Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somali, Sudan, Togo, Uganda and Yemen
  • IsDB-ISFD Bachelor studies for 21 LDMCs
  • The IsDB-The World Academy of Science (TWAS) Joint Programme for Capacity Building and Technology Transfer


  • Selected applicants will receive a Monthly stipend intended to cover the cost of living in the country of study.
  • You will receive full Tuition fees coverage and any other costs related to your study.
  • The programme covers the cost of medical treatment if needed, at university/government hospital.
  • You will receive an economy class return air tickets for travel from and back to your home country.
  • Recipients will also receive an installation and equipment allowance in case they select to study abroad at partnered universities/countries.
  • Master’s degree scholarship holders will also receive a thesis preparation Allowance

PhD study and Post-doctoral research will also recive the folloing allowances in addiotion to the above benefits

  • Thesis preparation allowance
  • Scientific papers’ preparation allowance


The Scholarships are open for academically meritorious students with passion and desire to engage in social services and community development after graduation. Therefore, you must meet the following application criteria

  • You must be a citizen of any of the IsDB member countries or Muslim communities in non-member countries.
  • If you are from non-member countries, you must be a Muslim.
  • Applicants must provide evidence of language proficiency in university medium of instruction as relevant.
  • You must not be in receipt of any other scholarship at the time of application and during study.
  • Be medically fit and be willing to undergo medical tests after selection.

Specific conditions for Undergraduate and Master’s degree applicants

  • For Undergraduate applicants, you must have graduated from your high school diploma or be currently registered at one of the top 10 public/government universities in your country. AND
  • Applicants must have obtained a minimum of 70% in their high school final GPA.
  • If you are applying for a Masters degree Scholarship, you must have minimum of 70% in your Bachelor studies’ GPA.
  • You must be applying for one of the eligible and approved study programmes dedicated to this scholarship .

Specific conditions for PhD study

  • Applicants must have obtained a Master’s degree in one of the fields of study of the programme with a minimum (“Very Good”) academic standing
  • You must have sufficient work and/or research experience in order to apply
  • Have a research proposal in one of the fields of study of the programme stating its scientific and development relevance to the community / country.

Specific conditions for Post-doctoral research

  • You will have to posses a PhD degree in one of approved fields of the programme and have a minimum (“Very Good”) academic standing.
  • Applicants must have a minimum of two (2) years of experience in the field of research.
  • You must have a record of publications/research in the same field.


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