The Fulbright IIE Centennial Fellowships Programme

The Fulbright IIE Centennial Fellowships Programme

Deadline: July 11, 2024

Apply for the 2023 Fulbright IIE Centennial Fellowships Programme. The IIE Centennial Fellowship is an annual fellowship program that aims to honors IIE’s Centennial and its association with the Fulbright Program. The IIE Centennial Fellowship aims to recognize Fulbright alumni whose work embodies the underlining Fulbright values of mutual understanding, leadership, global problem solving, and global impact.

These are the opportunities offered under this program

  • The Fulbright alumni fellowship will select four Fulbright alumni who will receive fellowship grants to help them fund ongoing or planned projects. The projects must particular focus on increasing access, equity, and empowerment for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and other marginalized communities at the local, national or global level.


Accepted applicants will be eligible for the following benefits

  • The Fulbright alumni fellowship award is worth per award $25,000
  • IIE Centennial Fellowships will fund projects for up to 1 year. Candidates may work or study in any field and do not need to have an institutional affiliation.


Applicants who wish to apply for the fellowship programme must meet the following conditions

  • To apply, you must be a Fulbright Alumnus who successfully completed their Fulbright Award programme
  • Applicants must use the fellowship grants to start project that focus on increasing access, equity, and empowerment for BIPOC
  • You may apply to implement a project in any country around the world
  • Both the New Leaders award and Centennial Fellowship are open to ongoing projects that fit the cohort theme.
  • Applicants may apply for the fellowship award as a joint project. However, participants must submit individual applications. The joint project must meet the following
    • The project must have the same project name
    • When applying, you must mention your partner’s name in the project abstract
    • You must have the same project plan and budget as your partners
    • Along with your partners, you must be prepared to open a joint/project bank account to receive the funding.


The applicants for the fellowships must be submitted online, using the provided online portal. Applications must be accompanied with the following supporting documents

  • A fully drafted Proposed Project Title and Abstract/Summary (200 words).
  • Submit a Personal Statement, describing your Fulbright Experience and the ways in which it has contributed to your personal and professional trajectory.
  • A Project Statement demonstrating detail and scope of the proposed project. The Project Statement should
  • Submit a Project Timeline clearly indicating timeline of project activity
  • Draft a Project Budget for the fellowship and how you plan to spend the funding.
  • You will also need to submit a Contingency Plan clearly explaining your working strategy incase you are not able to implement your preferred project plan.
  • Request a Recommendation Letter

To apply, click here

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