British Council English Language Assistants (ELA) programme

The British Council English Language Assistants (ELA) Programme

Deadline: February 1 , 2024

Teach abroad as an English Language Assistant under the British Council’s English Language Assistants (ELA) programme. The British Council’s English Language Assistants (ELA) programme was Established in 1905 and ha over the years proven to be a major UK mobility initiative. This mobility program offers paid teaching placements abroad, thereby providing participants in the program the perfect opportunity to travel, teach and gain invaluable experiences along the way.

Each year the British Council’s English Language Assistants (ELA) programme sends around 2,500 English Language Assistants from the UK to support the teaching of English in 14 countries around the world. Through the programme, teachers are offered the opportunity to teach English overseas on a paid six-month or one-year placement working as a Language Assistant. During this mobility period, the programme gives you plenty of time to experience the country and pursue other interests. Participants have a lot of time on their hands to Engauge in many of these activities since teaching time is limited to between 12 and 20 hours a week.

Besides gaining classroom experience, improving your language skills, developing your cultural awareness and professional skills, Many language assistants have the opportunity to use their time abroad productively, from starting a small business to appearing on TV. As an English Language Assistant, you will gain the following benefits as part of your mobility experience:

  • You will strengthen your CV
  • Have the opportunity to improve your fluency in another language
  • You will gain a number of skills including communication, presentation, time management, organization, teamwork, and problem-solving
  • The opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture and improve your cultural awareness
  • You will develop your professional confidence


The programme offers you the opportunity to teach English overseas on a paid six-month or one-year placement working as a Language Assistant. Salaries for Language Assistant vary with destinations

  • Austria ( €1,300 net per month)
  • Belgium ( €870 net per month)
  • Canada (Quebec) (CAD $1,700)
  • China (5,000 RMB – 9,000 RMB net per month)
  • France (€976.40 per month gross )
  • Germany (€850 net per month )
  • Hong Kong (£1,800 – £2,000 GBP per month)
  • Italy (€850 net per month)
  • Spain (€850 net per month)
  • Switzerland (€850 net per month)
  • Latin America (ranging from USD $450 per month)

Destination countries in Latin America include Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico


In order to apply, you must full fill the following application conditions:

  • Applications are accepted from graduates and applicants who have pursued eligible academic and career pathways. Applicants must therefore have any of the following qualifications :
    • You must have completed at least two years of an undergraduate degree OR
    • Have completed a TEFL or CELTA course with at least two years of English Language Teaching OR
    • Have completed at least one year of study of a Level 5 qualification (or above) through a Further Education institution/ TVET college
  • Applicants must have sufficient level of English (speaking, listening, reading and writing) equivalent to C2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).
  • You must sufficient proficiency of at least B1 in the destination country’s main language
  • Applicants must hold a UK, Irish or other European Union (EU) citizenship to be eligible for the English Language Assistant programme.
  • You must have lived in the UK for a minimum of five years and be eligible to apply for an International Child Protection Certificate
  • All applicants must be able to demonstrate their knowledge of UK culture which will be assessed through questions in the application form.


Applicants must complete their applications through the British council online application platform platform. You will need to register and create a profile on the system using an email address and creating a password.

Your application will require you to build your profile and in the process submit all the supporting documents including academic documents, passport, Motivation and supporting statement

You must provide an email address of someone who can act as a referee. In case are a current or recent student, this should be one of your tutors or a year-abroad coordinator. However, if you graduated before January 1, 2023 your referee should be a recent employer.

The deadline for submission is February 1, 2024.

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