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HomemastersTechnical University of Munich(TUM) Tuition Free Study and Scholarships

Technical University of Munich(TUM) Tuition Free Study and Scholarships

Deadline: June 15, 2023

The Technical University of Munich(TUM) charges no tuition fees for both its undergraduate (Bachelors) as well as graduate(Master’s) degree programmes, as is the policy for all Universities located in the Bavarian Region of Germany. Therefore, applicants both German and International can apply and study for free, for a selected degree of their choice at both undergraduate nd graduate levels at any of the Five (5) university campuses of Munich, Garching, Weihenstephan, Straubing and Heilbronn.

Usually, students only have to pay a small Administration fee per semester of around € 138, however, this fee varies from campus to campus. This is meant to cover the Basic Student Union Fee and the Basic Semester Ticket which are compulsory for all students enrolled at the university. Therefore, students only have to worry about their personals costs for food, Accommodation and books.

In addition to not paying tuition fees, there is a list of scholarships available to students that can be applied for to help cover your living expenses including accommodation and food. Although some degree programmes may require German language proficiency, or some times both Germany and English proficiency, most Master’s degree programmes are taught in English, therefore, for English taught degree programmes, no German proficiency is required.


Selected applicants for this scholarship will receive the following benefits

  • You will Study Tuition free for your preferred degree programme at one of the most prominent universities in the World
  • Applicants can also apply for one of the available scholarships to help cover their living expenses. Some of the available scholarships at Technical University of Munich(TUM) are summarized here below.

Scholarship Deutschlandstipendium

  • This scholarship is dedicated to both undergraduate and graduate students who are currently enrolled at the Technical University of Munich(TUM).
  • The scholarship is worth € 300 per month intended to help you cover your daily living expenses
  • This scholarship is awarded best on merit, therefore students who demonstrate excellent academic achievement have a better chance of receiving the scholarship.

TUM Scholarship for International Students

  • This scholarship is dedicated to both undergraduate and graduate students who are currently enrolled at the Technical University of Munich(TUM) but with non German Entrance certificates.
  • The scholarship is a one time payment with a value of between € 500 to € 1500 per semester.
  • This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate excellent academic achievement and have a proven financial need.

Linde / MDSI Masters Scholarship

  • This scholarship is dedicated to Master’s degree students who are enrolled in a Data Engineering and Analytics program or Mathematics in Data Science.
  • The scholarship value is worth € 1000 per month awarded for a maximum of 12 months.
  • This scholarship is dedicated to students with special talent in one of the mentioned fields and have achieved above average performance.

There are many more scholarships available to enrolled students. More information can be found on the University Website


Candidates for the programme must meet the following conditions

  • Tuition free study at the Technical University of Munich(TUM) applies for both German as well as international Students.
  • Applicants for Bachelor’s degree programmes must have completed a High school Certificate.
  • For Master’s Degree Programmes, you must have competed a recognized first Degree (Bachelor’s)
  • Programmes offered exclusive in English require you to have sufficient English Language proficiency.
  • For Programmes in German, you must demonstrate sufficient German language proficiency.
  • Some programmes may require both English and German language proficiency, so pay specials attention to this.


Applications for your preferred degree programme (both Bachelor’s and Master’s) must be submitted using uni-assist online application portal. There are different deadlines for bachelor’s as well as Master’s degree applications, therefore, pay special attention to this. Applicants must visit the specific web page of the programme they wish to apply for, for full list of requirements and application deadlines.

For the winter Semester (Studies beginning October 2022) for Example, Applications for Master’s degree programmes must be submitted by the deadline of May 31, 2023. For bachelors degree programmes however, submission must be done by the deadline of June 15, 2023.

For detailed step by step procedure to submit your application, follow the links here below.

For Bachelor’s degree application, Visit the link here

For Master’s degree application, Visit the link here

You application must be accompanied by relevant support documents listed under each degree programme. All the documents are supposed to be submitted within the application system. Below is a list of some required documents.

  • Certified copies of your Passport as evidence of nationality
  • Submit certified copies of your Degree certificate or Diploma
  • You must also include certified copies of your Academic Transcripts of records;
  • Include an official document issued by your university describing the university’s grade system.
  • Submit a certified copy of English Language Proficiency tests results if applicable.
  • A Motivation letter to support your application
  • Request and submit two Letters of Recommendation from two (2) referees
  • Any other addition document as may be requested by your faculty

To apply, click here

For more information, visit the official website here

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