Oxford Pershing Square 1+1 MBA Scholarship at Oxford University

Deadline: July 4, 2024

Apply for the Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship and the Oxford 1+1 MBA at the University of Oxford in the UK. The Pershing Square Foundation offers full scholarship to support outstanding students on the 1+1 MBA, covering both the Master’s degree and the MBA year.
The Pershing Square Foundation was established in 2014, and normally awards up to five (Six for this year) full scholarships to support outstanding students on the 1+1 MBA, covering both the Master’s degree and the MBA year, a truly unique and unmistakable opportunity.

Applicants to the program are expected to be exceptional individuals who can demonstrate the potential and commitment to finding scalable and sustainable solutions to world-scale social challenges.
Usually, applicants apply to pursue any of the partnering Master’s degrees and combine it the Oxford MBA (1+1 MBA). Applicants will have the opportunity, through out the program, to attend prestigious conferences and events throughout the year, including the Ditchley Conferences and the Skoll World Forum.


Once selected for the program, you will receive the following benefits:

  • There are six (6) scholarships to be offered to eligible applicants for the 2024 application session.
  • Once selected for the Pershing Square scholarship program, you will receive funding for both your Master’s degree and MBA programme course fees. (1+1MBA)
  • You will also receive a scholarship stipend of at least £17,668 towards living expenses for both years of study.


This is a prestigious program, therefore its competitiveness requires you to be an exceptional candidate demonstrated with the following requirements:

  • You must have convincing academic achievement, demonstrated through degree results, GMAT or GRE score, previous university prizes and awards, and other academic achievements
  • Applicants who posses Leadership potential, demonstrated through experience and motivation are particularly encourage to apply
  • You must have a strong personal character, integrity and commitment
  • Intention to focus on addressing world-scale social challenges in your career, either in an existing organisation or through development of a new enterprise
  • Ability to envision how to achieve scalable and sustainable solutions to these challenges
  • Articulated vision on how the Oxford 1+1 MBA will allow you to fulfill your objectives, demonstrated through essays and interviews


You will have to fully complete applications for both you preffred partnering Masters program as well as the Oxford MBA program. You are advised to follow the following procedure

  • Apply for the partnering Master’s programme of your choice. Please keep in mind that each of the partnering Master’s programmes has its own application form, deadlines and requirements.
  • Also apply for the Oxford MBA program. When you submit your 1+1 MBA application form you will be asked if you would like to be considered for the Pershing Square Scholarship. Please note that In order to be considered for the Pershing Square Scholarship you must apply to the 1+1 MBA by the January deadline for both your chosen Master’s programme and the Oxford MBA.
  • Submit an essay in your application form of no more than 500 words addressing this question
    1. How do you intend to change the world?
    2. What does this tell us about you as a person?

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