Mandela Washington Fellowships Application Readers

The Mandela Washington Fellowships Application Readers 2025

Deadline: September 1, 2024

Apply to be a Reader for the Mandela Washington Fellowships Application 2025. The U.S. Department of State and IREX invites applications from academic, professional, and regional experts to read and score applications for the 2025 Mandela Washington Fellowship. Each year, the department enlists the help of qualified personnel to read and evaluate applications for their Mandela Washington fellowship.

Since its launch eight years ago, the program received nearly 300,000 applications from 49 Sub-Saharan African countries for 5,800 Fellow slots. The department therefore appreciates the talents and expertise for those selected for the review process in helping score the high volume of applications.

As a Reader, your main responsibility will be to will be evaluating program applicants submitted by applicants from different countries. The review will be based on set guidelines drafted by the programme and a scoring rubric. With each application taking about 10-15 minutes to read and score the Reading process will require you an estimate of around 10 hours to read approximately 50 applications allocated to Each reader.

This years reading period will begin on mid September 2024, comprising of up to three separate reading phases with each phase running for three weeks, that is, from mid-September through early November


Accepted applicants will be eligible for the following benefits

  • Selected Readers will receive a one-time, appreciation $100 honorarium for their service.
  • Only readers who have a U.S. bank account are eligible to receive an honorarium as the programme is unable to send international wire payments for honoraria.


Candidates who wish to participate in this process must meet the following conditions

  • Qualifying readers may be academics and/or professionals with expertise in one or more of the
  • Fellowship’s thematic areas (business, civic engagement, or public management),
  • Applicants must posses experience working in Africa, or experience working on Sub-Saharan African issues.
    Please note that U.S. Government employees and Fellowship Alumni are welcome to apply although they may not receive honoraria


Interested and qualifying candidates who wish to serving as a readers are requested to submit their applications by the set deadline. Applications are submitted exclusively online

After initial reviews, eligible candidates will be selected confirmations will be made via email to those who will bee selected to be a readers before the Fellowship application deadline.

To apply, click here

For more information, visit the official website here