How to Write an Impressive Motivational Letter

A scholarship motivation letter is one of the most important documents usually required by awarding institutions during your application process.  This letter helps determine whether your application will be accepted or Rejected. Therefore it is important for students to show their knowledge before an in-person interview even without him going through their Curriculum Vitae.

In this section therefore, we wish to give you insight on motivation letter for scholarship format, motivation letter for a University scholarship, and a guide on how to write a motivation letter for scholarship application.

Sample Motivation letter for a Summer School

Motivation Letter

There are a few reasons I have chosen ….. and this course for my summer school experience this year. I am very interested and excited to immerse myself in French capital, Paris, that is well-known for being rich in culture and history. As a Sociology and Literature student, this course naturally piques my interest.

I am a …. student from the …. and I am primarily trained …… I am fascinated by (talk about all the things that fascinate you and those that you pick inspiration from, be it from your community, academic or professional life), and I am currently taking a module on social theory, which expounds on both thinkers’ works.  One of the reasons for choosing … is that its international summer programme is really appealing as it brings together students from different nationalities in one class to learn and share with each other.

Additionally, this course, as I found out, is based in anthropology, which is complementary to Sociology. I am also separately interested in Anthropology – I have attended one Anthropology class in my home university – and I was drawn to this module because I read that it will train anthropological skills, which I think are very valuable.  I have also taken classes on French history when I was younger, so I do have some background knowledge which I think will be helpful and complementary when reading for this course.

Most importantly, I am aware that a summer school experience is a good chance to meet international students and I look forward to sharing my own perspectives as well as learn from them in class. At my home university, I attend interdisciplinary seminars as well, with seminar topics ranging from Time and Life in Society, to Intelligence in Society. I believe in synthesising diversity of opinions backed up with theoretical understandings, and I am excited to take part in interesting and dynamic discussions. Through the field trips, discussions, and readings provided in this course, I also hope to see where and how I can bring value to the class with my own academic training and knowledge of French.

I hope to deepen my understanding of both sociology and anthropology disciplines so that I can apply them in future classes back in my home university. I strongly believe that this module will provide a good foundation for my anthropological studies in the future, as there are several anthropology modules in … that do not impart anthropological skills while studying and examining a particular society. I think this is a good way for one to hone skills and also to observe how anthropological studies are carried out, and I can apply this learning to my future studies.