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The EDUFI Fellowship Program in Finland for Researchers

Deadline: Rolling Basis

Applications for the EDUFI Fellowship Program in Finland are now open. The main aim of the EDUFI Fellowship is to providing initial funding for prospective researchers to carry out research for a doctoral thesis in Finland. The programme aims to attract excellent young researches to Finland.

Usually, a Finnish university department applies for the EDUFI Fellowship on behave of the applicant. Applicants must be doctoral students or young researchers from outside Finland who wish tp conduct a research for a doctoral thesis. The EDUFI Fellowship aims to help make Finnish research and teaching more international. Through this fellowship EDUFI aims to build networks between Finnish and foreign universities

Fellowship funding may be used as initial funding for completing a doctoral research project in Finland, completion of a double degree or a study visit on exceptionally compelling reasons. Fellowships may run for a duration 3 to 12 months while study visits may last from 3 to 6 months


Please remember that fellows cannot apply for the EDUFI Fellowship themselves. Rather the host must apply on their behalf since the grant will be awarded only to a Finnish university department.

  • At the start of the fellowship, the host university must first pay the grant to the fellow as a personal grant
  • The university must then invoice the payment EDUFI after the end of the fellowship.
  • This grant may be use to cover the living expenses of the fellow in Finland.
  • The grant is worth 1,900 euros per month, for the full duration of the fellowship.


EDUFI Fellowships can only be applied for following the conditions below

  • The EDUFI Fellowship is available to all non-Finnish foreign nationals and all fields of study
  • To apply on behalf of the fellow, you must be a researcher or a teacher in a Finnish university department
  • You must be the person who will be hosting the research fellow.
  • Before the application, the hosting supervisor and the fellow must commit to common objectives of the visit.
  • The host must agree to avail facilities and equipment for the use of the research fellow
  • you must make sure that you will supervise the research.

The host department can apply for a fellowship for a non-Finnish post-graduate student or a young researcher, who must be invite to Finland or who has been in Finland for a maximum of one year before applying for the fellowship.


Applications for the EDUFI Fellowship are on a rolling basis, meaning the the can be submitted at any time of the year. However, applications for the fellowship may be submitted at least five months before the planned start of the fellowship.

Interested fellows must therefore contact the host department at their preferred university in Finland who will apply on their behalf. Up on approval of the fellow’s application, the fellow will then have to travel to Finland to start their fellowship. Fellows will need the following documents for their visa/residence permit application

  • You will have to submit a copy of the EDUFI fellowship decision
  • Your invitation for the fellowship from the host university department

To apply, Click here

For more information, visit the official website here

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