Bonn International Fellowships at University of Bonn in Germany

Bonn International Fellowships at University of Bonn in Germany

Deadline: September 28, 2023

Applications are open for the Bonn International Fellowships at University of Bonn in Germany. The programme is a 12 days fellowships programme dedicated to selected applicants to travel to Germany. This fellowship grant program is designed for the invitation of excellent researchers from all areas of specialization. Selected fellows will have the opportunity to spend a short period of time at the University of Bonn working on short projects. Applicants are postdoctoral scholars or faculty researchers at a University Abroad

The program aims to involve the fellows in Bonn’s academic life as much as possible thereby making them making them visible to the public. Through these fellowships, you will have the opportunity to open up areas for future collaboration projects. Although fellowships are open to students of any nationality, Preference will be given to scholars from strategic partner universities and universities in priority countries for international collaboration.

Researchers from the University of Bonn must apply on behalf of potential fellows who wish to participate in this programme. Selection for these fellows will be based on a number of factors including the applicant’s Scientific reputation in their areas of specialization, demonstration of a plan to further develop the collaboration between the fellow and host institute in Bonn among others


Accepted applicants will be eligible for the following benefits

  • Fellows will receive a travel allowance for travel from and back to their countries of origin
  • You will receive an allowance worth € 160 per day for the 12 day duration of the programme
  • Fellows will receive coverage for Material expenses for events (€ 500)


Candidates for the programme must meet the following conditions

  • Fellowships are open to students of any nationality from all around the world.
  • Applicants for the fellowships must be Post-doctoral scholars or experienced faculty personnel
  • Eligible faculty personnel are those who are currently carrying out research and/ or teach abroad at a university or research institute
  • Candidates are expected to have a strong international reputation in their field of research.


Applications for the programme must be submitted online using the online application provided. The deadline for application is September 28, 2023. Researchers at the University of Bonn must apply on behalf of potential fellows. You must therefore get in contact with a researcher at Bonn University if you wish to participate in the programme

Along with the application, applicants must submit the following documents

  • A financing plan completed using the template available on the programme website
  • Detailed Project description no more than 6 pages consisting of the following:
    • The candidate’s Planned time period for the visit
    • Reasons for inviting the fellow, in particular an account of their key research accomplishments and international reputation
    • If applicable: an overview of the existing collaboration between the applicant and the fellow
    • A plan of how the fellow will be integrated into Bonn’s academic life during his or her stay
    • Description of the envisaged short- or long-term outcome of the stay; if applicable, a plan or list of goals for further collaboration
    • The fellow’s informal declaration of consent to the application

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